Aeryk Checketts


Team Greene Real Estate

131 E Main Street, Rexburg, ID 83440

Hello, I am Aeryk Checketts, I decided to join Team Greene because they believe in the same core values that I do; I am a firm believer in transparency, professionalism and about serving my client in such a way that they feel special and cared for. I hate the stereotypical pushy and dishonest salesman and believe any professional should aspire to be worthy of the trust that their clients will place on them and should not make them feel pressured in any way. I am very loyal to those around me, I am organized and driven in my desire the help and do what is right. Buying a home is one of the biggest experiences of our lives and should be exciting and fun, not filled with stress and disappointment.


I am originally from Utah but after moving to Idaho I not only fell in love with my beautiful wife, Samantha but with this area and its people. After graduating from BYU-Idaho in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Business. I had to make some decisions for my future and for my family, and while my wife finished school, I developed how I wanted my life and career to look like. I knew I wanted to help people, and in whatever career, I chose.


I would want to challenge the norm and to pursue new and better ways to accomplish what I do. These goals combined with my enthusiasm for homes lead me to real estate. I am dedicated to solving problems and making sure that my clients every need is met. I am here to help people not only find a place to call home but, to find a community and a sense of belonging.


My wife and I spend hours looking at homes, drawing out designs, and coming up with new and creative ideas of how homes can function, and how we can one day build them better. When I am not working hard or obsessing about homes, I spend every single moment with my family; rock climbing, paddle boarding, walking the streets of Rexburg and exploring Idaho. I am a huge advocate for fitness and health, and love to exercise and do my best to not get pizza for dinner every night.

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